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    Local Contractors™

    As an Employee:

    • you are get paid as low as possible by your Employer,
    • whatever your Employer says to you, you are just a number on their list of expenses,
    • you are trained as less as possible just to fit the job requirements, so no real opportunity for you to grow as a specialist. They hired you just only to do that particular job only. If they train you properly, you can find another better paid job – this is not a plan of your Employer,
    • if you do not like your pay rate or your contract, you can negotiate with your Employer, which as the rule will show you on the exit door…,
    • as a result, you have a stable but a low paid job without real opportunities.

    As a Contractor:

    • you get paid a little higher than an Employee, but other contractors cut off your potential high rate and you have to supply yourself from your earnings,
    • you have a sort of freedom… but with a big risk of waiting for another opportunity to earn some money,
    • you can work more hours to earn more to cover another gap of possible waiting, while having very little time left to enjoy the life,
    • as you work whenever you can, there is no time left to grow as a specialist and with the only chance to learn on job,
    • your work accidents are not covered as an Employee have,
    • you can pay some of your expenses from taxes like GST, when Employee has very little expenses,
    • if you do not like your pay rate or your contract, you can negotiate it with that Company, which as the rule will show you on the exit door…,
    • as a result, some expenses like tools covered from taxes, a little higher pay rate which compensate a risk to sit without job and a risk that they can find another contractor with less rate.

    As a Subcontractor of Local Contractors™ international project by Vital Ideal Solutions:

    • a Subcontractor rate is 10% less than top Contractor rate, but it is well compensated by a number of benefits for being a Subcontractor of the global company Vital Ideal Solutions,
    • you get The Creator’s Cross™ full health coverage for free,
    • a great real possibility to grow as a specialist by attending free courses and experience exchange with other Subcontractors and to be better get paid,
    • you get any time online technical support from our experienced engineers to get your job done professionally,
    • a centralized cheaper supply with anything you need for your job including tools, spares and materials,
    • a high quality comfortable uniform for free,
    • cheaper fuel for your cars including a personal one,
    • a variety of projects from permanent/long term to numerous fixed terms,
    • the highest pay rate for you as a specialist in your field when majority of people become our subcontractors, so they will not cut of your pay rate as it will be Vital Ideal Solutions standard and only grow by the time to fit a proper standard of living in your country,
    • discounts for all products and services made by Vital Ideal Solutions,
    • if you do not like your pay rate or your contract, which it nearly impossible as we keep it as best as it is possible at that time, you can always tell that us and we will find a solution which you will like,
    • as a result, you get the highest possible pay rate according to your qualification, less expenses, better health service, more stable earning possibilities than other Contractors do.

    As for an Employer:

    • you have flexibility with number of labor currently needed,
    • do not pay for search to get a new labor,
    • do not pay safety insurance like ACC for your labor,
    • do not pay for labor training,
    • do not pay for labor supply like tools, uniforms and so on,
    • do not pay for labor managing and processing to HR, accountants, managers,
    • you have always right specialists to do the job,
    • you have all spares and equipment needed for a right price to have the job done,
    • you save on managing contracts to keep your company going,
    • as a result, you save a lot of money and efforts and make your business flexible and effective, have qualified labor, equipment and spares all just in one contract and one bill.

    Even if Vital Ideal Solutions is not presented in your country, contact us and we organize all listed above benefits for you.

    Some benefits, as you understand, will come by the time.

    Vital Ideal Solutions
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