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    A New City™

    A New City™ – our privet cities planned and build from zero.

    Being a privet territory, we have our own set of rules:

    • You own the City having your shares,
    • You must obey the rules to live there,
    • You must have a police clearance,
    • No police, because there will be no crime,
    • Limited public access – only for locals and visitors,
    • A visitor must buy a ticket – a permission to enter,
    • Huge tourist attraction,
    • A City is planned and build using the advanced technologies to be efficient, healthy, comfortable and beautiful to warrant high quality of life for its people,
    • Farms, factories, businesses and services, are integrated in a City,
    • Free medical services, schools and a university,
    • Anyone can immigrate from A New City to any other New City of our project including New Cities in other countries,
    • Every New City is a part of the Atlantis and obeys its rules.
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