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    Atlantis Projects

    All contributors are welcome to take a part in
    building The Advanced Civilization Atlantis!

    In Atlantis, we don’t work and, accordingly, are not get paid.

    But, as a Contributor, you will be awarded with contribution units, which you will be able to see in your account. So you and we can see how you contribute to Atlantis.

    In Atlantis we create miracles and contribute as much as we can to build our bright future.

    The King of Atlantis has a sole ownership of all current and future projects as the official representative of Atlantis in the world. All belongs to the King, belongs to The Great Kingdom OF Atlantis and the whole Atlantis belongs to its people. Thus, you contribute to yourselves.

    You can contribute your money, skill, resources and so on to our projects:

    • Local Contractors™ – Contribute to Atlantis by working as a local contractor from us.

    • A New City™ – our privet cities planned and build from zero.

    • The Reserve Bank Of Atlantis™ – Our contribution management system.

    • AtlaNet™ – A new generation Internet without viruses, advertisements, spamming, mess and all other problems.

    • Atlink™ – Our communication system.

    • The Creator’s Cross™ – Our health service system.

    • The Atlantis Research Center™ – Our Science with unlimited facilities to research, discover and create.

    • The Royal University of Atlantis™ – Our education system.

    • Atlantis Manufacturing™ – Our manufacturing of all king of products for our people for free.

    • Atlantis Food™ – Our healthy food production.

    • Global Waste™ – Let’s keep our planet clean.

    • Atlantis Security™ – Our security to protect us and all we are going to create.

    • Atlantis Market™ – All in one global market. Buy, sell, rent, lease… anything in one place with best prices and fast delivery.

    • And many more future projects.

    Keep in your mind that we do not have any competitors as we create tings for us and for free.

    Of course, certain things we must keep secret for our security.

    The more active you are, the sooner these and future projects will be operating.

    Are you in?

    Please contact me.

    Contribute by sharing