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    Contribute to the great Atlantis and a new world.

    As an Atlant, I had given all I had to Atlantis and continue contributing as much as I can, Atlantis is going to look after me and other Atlants joining Atlantis.

    As an Atlant, I have nothing material and I am not interesting in it. All contributions belong to Atlantis – our bright future. (The King of Atlantis Creator-Atlant Vitaly.)

    As you can see from information on the website, Atlantis needs to get a lot of money and resources, so I ask for your kind support.

    Become a successful investor to your future by contributing.

    All your contributions will be automatically converted into ACU and will be on your account in our bank locked, so we could see your progress and use them to build Atlantis.

    First contributions are more valuable as always at the beginning of something great.

    You will receive confirmation email on your contribution received and converted to ACU. If you will not receive that email, contact us and attach a prove of your contribution.

    How to contribute

    You can contribute in a number of ways:

    • Sent me some money as a gift,
    • Sent me official documents of ownership of your resources such as a land, an apartment, as house…, racecourses like gas, wood… as a gift so I could manage them,
    • Contribute with your skill so you can do something physically, for example, take a part in one of my projects as a volunteer,
    • Share links to this and my other websites,
    • Buy products services only made in Atlantis. If none you need, from a companies that contributes to Atlantis (they will be on the list of permanent contributors). Yes, I am going to organize manufacturing of all king of goods. They will be for free for Atlants, with cost of expenses for permanent contributors, and full price for others,
    • Any other contributions that help me to build the Advanced Civilization of Atlantis.

    I grow as The King of Atlantis <=> Atlantis grows <=> you grow as a part of Atlantis.

    When contributing, make sure you gave me your name and contact, and put your email as a reference. I never forget all kind and nice helping me people. The time will come when I am able to pay you back and thank you.

    Contribute by sharing