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    Atlant is a high status and title that can be given only by The King of Atlantis to a very respected Citizen with extraordinary spiritual abilities and open heart who have made a significant contribution to Atlantis. Only Atlant can be considered for a very important role in Atlantis. Atlant is a candidate to The Wisest Atlant.

    As Atlants belong to Atlantis like a National property, Atlantis will do anything to protect and support its Atlants and no country in the world nave the right seize, arrest or put them in prison but only The King of Atlantis decides the future of Atlants and that country can only cancel their Citizenship and deport/pass Atlant to The King for a justice. Any act from any country against an Atlant is act against Atlantis. Atlantis will take any measures necessary to protect its Atlants. A failure to pass Atlant to its King will be considered as an official declaration of war to Atlantis.

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