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    What is your purpose of life? What do you live for? Why did you come to the Earth? Are you lonely in your heart?

    Do you want to be a part of something really big and great?

    You have a unique opportunity to join The Great Atlantis.

    Living in Atlantis will give you an opportunity to upgrade yourself to be free to create, built and protect and to be looked after in a huge people orientated family-like country where everyone help each other and look after each other.

    Do you want to become a respected Atlant and live long and happily in Paradise?

    Give everything you have to Atlantis, and Atlantis will be yours.

    Bring all you have, everything material, all your income, including your body and mind with all your “problems” and “sins”, everything except for your spirit as a gift to your king, The King of Atlantis, and your king will give you the whole Atlantis in return. You will be a part of the big loving family. Atlantis and your king will look after you like after himself.

    After you give everything, what will be left? Your spirit. What is your spirit? Spirit is The Creator that lives in everyone’s heart. That is right, you will be The Creator that lives forever. That means you will be forever a part of Atlantis.

    But you will need the time to learn to be The Creator. When you are ready The King of Atlantis the Creator-Atlant will give you the title of Atlant. It is the honor to be Atlant.

    It doesn’t matter who you have been,
    what really matters who you will be.

    You can join Atlantis by stages to see how it works and understand if you really need it and to show your intentions. You need to apply for each stage.

    The more you give, the more you will be given (The Creator)

    1. Contributor is a person or a company or an organisation or a country that wishes to contribute regularly to Atlantis and have all benefits of an Atlantis Contributor. Read more…

    2. Resident. Residence gives opportunity to bring your family, live and contribute in Atlantis, enter and leave Atlantis without limitations. Resident must contribute to keep Residence. Resident is a candidate to Citizen. Read more…

    3. Citizen. Citizenship gives you all benefits of being a Citizen of Atlantis. Atlantis will look after you. Atlantis protects and supports its Citizens. Citizen must contribute to keep citizenship. A Citizen of Atlantis is a candidate to the Atlant title. Read more…


    Atlant is a high status and title that can be given only by The King of Atlantis to a very respected Citizen with extraordinary spiritual abilities and open heart who have made a significant contribution to Atlantis. Only Atlant can be considered for a very important role in Atlantis. Atlant is a candidate to The Wisest Atlant. Read more…

    Wisest Atlant is the highest title and status that can be given by only The King of Atlantis to an Atlant that demonstrated wisdom, loyalty to Atlantis and The King of Atlantis,
    very significant contribution to Atlantis. Read more…

    Contribute by sharing