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    The King of Atlantis Creator-Atlant Vitaly was dedicated by The Creator.

    Government – The Circle of Wisest Atlants.

    Decisions are making by 100% of votes.

    The King can cancel any decision, assign and dismiss Wisest Atlants in The Circle of Wisest Atlants.

    Wisest Atlant is the high title that can be given by The King to an Atlant.

    The King gives and cancels titles and signs important documents.

    Atlantis needs its Atlants, like Atlants need their Atlantis. And I need Wisest Atlants as well to build Atlantis. Guess who will be Wisest Atlants? Right. Most likely they will be ones from the first Atlants, because their heart is more open to the Creator so they can understand me better and they are smart and wise enough to see things as they are. Their spiritual experience, loyalty and wisdom will only grow by the time.

    Wisest Atlants will be given the most important and responsible roles in Atlantis to create and make wise decisions for Atlantis.

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