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    There is NO taxes in Atlantis. Atlantis is getting stronger by your contributions.

    Atlantis has benefits of a free economical zone. All companies and persons registered in Atlantis have to contribute. To contribute and to pay compulsory taxes are two different things. When you pay taxes you do not want to do it but have to and you work for your income. When you wish to contribute and as much as you wish, you contribute to Atlantis which looks after you and the whole world with its environment and live creatures. To live in Atlantis, be an Atlant and deal with anyway with Atlantis you must contribute. If you do not contribute enough, anything you have from Atlantis can be canceled.

    Why contribute to Atlantis?

    By contributing to Atlantis, you build an advanced civilization which will look after you as a global family member

    Atlantis can contribute to you with:

    • Courses, education
    • Business, career, research
    • Finance, income and wealth plan
    • Medical and individual health plan
    • Accommodation and housing
    • Advocacy and legal advice
    • Advice in a difficult situation
    • Anything a family can help

    * Of course, not everything will be in one day. Atlantis is being build by its citizens, by your contributions.

    Atlantis needs clever, talented, successful, reach, healthy and kind people.
    If you are still not like that, it is the time to join Atlantis for high quality of live and new highs.

    You look after Atlantis, Atlantis look after you.

    Working can be bad for your health, mood and gives you very little time left for your spiritual growth and enjoying the life.

    Contribution to Atlantis is very good for your health, gives you spiritual growth, happiness and longer and healthier life. By contributing to Atlantis you take part in saving and improving the world where you live with your family.

    How can you contribute to Atlantis?

    • Regular part of your income
    • Professionally
    • With assets
    • Ideal and inventions
    • Take part in our projects
    • Help to Atlants, citizens of Atlantis in their business and job
    • Anything you can do, be creative.

    All valuable contributions will be fairly paid by Atlantis currency!

    All finance help will be converted to Atlantis currency and fixed at your account.
    Atlantis currency can be used to pay foe goods and services, cashed out, deposited and credited.

    Made a contribution, check your account in our bank.
    Keep your receipts and any documents proving your contributions.
    Make sure they are accepted and credited to your account.

    How much to contribute

    Feel your heart. Still not sure? Start from 10% of your income. If you have temporary difficult finance situation, you can contribute less. When you feel you are doing very well, you can contribute more.

    The King of Atlantis is not a God, thus, he is watching all your efforts which will be valued.

    Ways of Contribution

    You can contribute in a number of the following ways:

    • A contribution fee,
    • A donation,
    • A part of your regular wage or salary or interest or share,
    • A part of your income,
    • A part of your property,
    • A physical activity by taking a role in our projects,
    • A mental activity by taking a role in our projects,
    • Any help, sharing, promotion, support, cooperation any other ways that will make Atlantis stronger, effective and advanced.
    Contribute by sharing