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    Atlantis – The Great Kingdom Of Atlantis – a country of advanced civilization was discovered and founded by Vitaly on The 30th of March 2019.

    Location – somewhere in the ocean.

    Capital – Paradise.

    Territory – all neutral/international waters/deep sea belong to Atlantis.

    Languages – English, Atlan.

    Population – 1 person by 30/03/2019.

    Race – all races are welcome and equal.

    The King of Atlantis – The Creator-Atlant Vitaly dedicated by The Creator.
    The Circle of Wisest Atlants.

    Political system – No politicians any more. Wisdom rules.

    The system – people and nature orientated.

    Religion – “We don’t believe in miracles, we create them.” No religion but we are really spiritual.

    A way of life – The Creator’s Way.

    The Mission

    • Piece keeping. No wars. No pirates in the ocean.
    • To clean environment. No garbage on the shore and in the ocean.
    • To recover the life in the ocean. To multiply a number of fish in the ocean.
    • To save the world. To be an example to follow.
    • To unite and develop people.
    • To bring an advanced civilization to people.
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