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    Official website of ATLANTIS government

    Atlantis was born to save the world

    The world went crazy. Wars, terrorism, poverty, pollution… are a few just to start with.
    The ocean became a rubbish bin with spots of oil and poison chemicals, some creatures are nearly destroyed. In some locations the air is not good enough to breath. A lot of wiled creatures and humans die on the roads every minute.

    Atlantis is going to save the world. The Creator has sent Atlants on the Earth but they are spread, lonely, and some already forgot his of her purpose on the Earth.

    The King of Atlants calls for Atlants to unite and save the world

    I know you are there my Atlants. Many of you don’t remember who you are and what is your purpose in life. The answer is deep in your hard and just waiting to be discovered. Having Atlant’s qualities helps you to achieve your heights, so you could be very rich, scientist, have some psychic abilities…

    What does it mean to be an Atlant

    Atlant is an example to follow, loves people and all creatures and feels connection with them like they are a part of him or her. Atlant is spiritual and often has extraordinary abilities. Atlant is wise and see all consequences and effect of his or her actions far in the future. Refused all his or her material “achievements” to get spiritual growth. Stable in his or her intentions, reliable and answers for his or her own actions. Atlant helps other Atlants like yourself. The highest priorities are Atlantis, Atlants, own family and parents. Contributes to Atlantis.

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